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Tax Planning

How do you plan to manage taxes in retirement?

Taxes can affect many different aspects of your financial life, including your retirement income. The good news is that there are ways to impact your tax bills even while retired. It’s best to start now to work toward gaining a greater control on the amount of taxes you’ll pay in retirement. Your strategic tax plan will impact not only the amount of money you save on taxes in retirement but also your ability to reach your overall financial goals in retirement.

The experienced financial advisors at CM&A work directly with your accountant and tax professional to help you develop the most tax-efficient strategy for withdrawing retirement income. By relying on a healthy mix of both tax-deferred and tax-free retirement vehicles, we can help ensure that you are optimizing your retirement income by minimizing the amount of taxes owed.

Your CM&A financial advisor will work together with your accountant and tax professional to review your most recent tax returns and look for opportunities to save on taxes now as well as restructure for future savings. We coordinate with these professionals on your behalf to make sure that the strategic tax planning goals you’ve identified with us are going to be met in practice. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your overall financial goals are met through strategic tax planning.

Do you have a plan for reducing taxes in retirement? It’s never too late to start. Contact us today to find out more about how strategic tax planning can help you save big in retirement.


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