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Joseph Czukas

President - Independent Financial Planner

As a Financial Advisor for nearly 20 years, I have helped my clients navigate through a multitude of financial - and sometimes very personal - situations. Always with their goals in mind, and their best interests at heart. As a former engineer, process improvement has become a cornerstone of how we operate at CM&A. What this means for our clients is consistency of service, proactive communication, and using absolutely every tool at our disposal for the benefit of you and your family. I think you'll find that we are passionate about our work, passionate about our clients, and we're very good at what we do.

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The Benefit of an Independent Advisor

As an independent financial planning firm, we solely represent the needs and interests of our clients rather than any specific company. While some financial institutions recommend investment products that are manufactured by the parent of subsidiary business entities, we have no such ties. Our self-sufficiency is vital to delivering nonpartisan and unbiased recommendations. Our independence and objectivity allow us to provide our clients with the commitment that they deserve.

Our Mission

At CM&A, we have made a commitment to providing excellence in everything we do for our clients.

Our goal is to exceed expectations at all times by honoring you with a paramount degree of customer service. We serve you with years of experience and skill which have provided us with a wealth of knowledge regarding the financial industry. When you choose our financial planning services, you benefit from obtaining comprehensive advice from a team of highly qualified professionals and individuals with an extensive background in addressing your particular financial needs.

Our Process

A Proactive Approach to Building Wealth.

At CM&A, we are dedicated to helping you reach your retirement goals and build a meaningful legacy for your family. With deep industry knowledge, an array of specialized services, and time-tested investment strategies, our process ensures that no stone goes un-turned in capturing the most amount of wealth for your unique situation.

Phase 01


We begin this stage during our initial meeting where we get to know one another. We focus on what your specific needs are and what you want your investment capital to do for you.

Phase 02


The primary objective of this stage is to develop an effective, long-term investment strategy that is custom tailored to the unique needs of each client. We then develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the strategy we recommend for long-term success.

Phase 03


The primary objective of this phase is to successfully implement your investment strategy. By means of constant communication and a highly skilled staff, we strive to make this process quick and easy for you.

Phase 04

Monitoring & Adjusting

We monitor our client’s accounts on a regular basis to ensure they are still performing in a way that meets their intention. When we discover that a client’s circumstances have changed, or that shifting global markets require a different investing approach, we are quick to make adjustments.

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