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At CM&A, our goal is to make an impact in our clients lives, so they can in turn make an impact in the lives of those they care about. It’s a simple goal, but it is present in everything we do. To learn more, please view this short video.

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Our approach at CM&A is a fully-rounded one, which means that we aim to strengthen your retirement through ALL available avenues. We help our clients take advantage of opportunities by creating a holistic Financial Wellness Plan that covers tax planning, estate planning, income planning, investments, and long-term health care.

Adjustments in any area often affect the rest, and because of this, we prefer to work with clients who understand that for us to deliver the greatest results, we need to be discussing the entire plan.

One caveat, the stock market naturally plays a role in the financial planning process, but it is still only one piece of the puzzle. If your idea of financial planning is simply playing the markets, we are probably not a good fit for you.

To help put your mind at ease, we’re often asked to review an existing financial plan, and we’re happy to do so. If you’d like to schedule a call for us to review your current financial plan, or if all you...

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